Hasbro Friends Fur Real Snuggimals - Snug a Bootsie

Saw these cutie little doggie at the toys section in one of the local departmental store here and within minutes of adoring their cuteness and playing around with it, I decided to grab one of them..

The big one cost SGD 29.00 - it's fun, when you touch the head it will make puppy noise and walk straight forward to you.... again, it's fun and gorgeous but I'm not in the mood to spend that much either plus the size is kind of big....

I just want something with miniature size, nice and easy to put into my laptop or camera bag and carry them anywhere....

And thus I choose this tiny little "bootsie" what ever that means....

This is now the review of "Friends Fur Real Snuggimals - Snug a Bootsie" from Hasbro...

The price is SGD 17.00 (that's roughly about 1,000 yen / USD 14.00). They happen to offer 15% discount now and that make the deal's sweeter.

When you bought this, it will be like this;

Basically they tied or attached the doggie onto the box/packaging.

Some people might want the doggie to stay coz it looks nice a well, like some sort of simple diorama or whatever, but eventually after a while, if the battery dry, you somehow need to take it out from there to replace the battery anyway.

As for me, I prefer to take it out from that unique packaging coz I want to bring this doggie to many places, just like baby Tsukasa and R2D2.

Let's have a look at this "Bootsie"

Apart from the adorable "cuteness" - the main reason to grabbed this "Bootsie" is surely because of the gimmick.

Lately I seems to enjoy lot's of this kids toys stuff or any other toys with gorgeous gimmick.

You basically need to press a hidden button on his back... something like this;

And the tail will move from left/right - something like vibrating.... and the head will move up/down.

It's kind of hard to tell thru photo, much easier if we just use this 11 seconds video to show this fun gimmick;

Gorgeous isn't it?

Apart from that, Hasbro also provided this piece of paper containing product info and manual on how to replaced the battery;

This is basically what you need to do when you want to replaced the battery;

Use the standard "Philips screw driver" to open the cover and you know what to do next....

Another look at this adorable "Bootsie"

Overall, you should grab this little doggie if you like them to be as your desktop companion or traveling companion or as "someone" for you talk about your secret and frustration - don't worry, they wont tell anyone.... LOL

Other than that, you could buy this as a gift or present to your wife or girlfriend or mistress... ladies will love it.... trust me...

And if you want to have a pet but lazy to clean their shit or to feed them, this can be good for you....

Kids nowadays are so lucky that they can find brilliant gorgeous toys like this and Hasbro have certainly improved their product offering to "catch" the attention of the mass market - those parents who always get toys for their kids from those departmental store toy section or any other typical kids toy shop.



  1. I remember playing with this toy last year in a department stall lol,its funny to see it shake and say meow for the cat,but yours really look like a cat.

  2. Nice cute and entertaining :D but in another point of view it's ironic how nowadays we replacing real pets with this kind of toy/doll not just dog and cat I also seen hamsters and even artificial fish with electronic aquarium :( yeah considering how new virus,allergic and disease might spread from them and maybe lazy to take care of them.


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