Enlightening Japan Brunei Night 2011

Was doing my normal groceries shopping last night when suddenly my good buddy Saiful Wong SMS me about this event and without further thinking, I just say OK. After done with the groceries shopping, I immediately went home, grab my Panasonic FZ28 and Panasonic G1 and off we go...

I honestly don't know much about this event but according to a poster I saw in one of the popular local social blog (ranoadidas), it is basically some sort of fund raising event.

So some photos from the event;

Performance form local artist;

This Wanker.... I mean Whacky made some pretty short show and it's pretty lousy...

He is a Japanese and I'm pretty sure he is an avid lover of Japanese Adult Videos.... probably he have enormous collections of it...

Followed by a nice sword dance performance from teenager Takami Ozora;

Some videos of this performance captured using Panasonic FZ28 (be warned, I'm not a skilled videographer - so don't expect a wonderful quality video)

And then followed by some excellent performance from this Japanese comedian couple who called themselves as "Gamar Jobat"

Judging from their look, I'm pretty sure they have watched at least a few out of many Japanese Adult Videos and probably they also have some nice collections of DVDs of Yuma Asami.

It's hard to tell thru photos, it would be better if you watch the videos below (again be warned, I'm not a skilled videographer - so don't expect a wonderful quality video)

The final performance of the night, the local singer Maria sings "Mirai" and that guy "Takami Ozora" dressed as geisha or what ever doing his dancing stuff.

And last but not least.... farewell time....

And that's about it.... before we knew it... time flies so fast and it's already almost 11.00pm and it's time to go home...

I will now proceed to do the review of Revoltech Jack Sparrow and some Ultraman guy.

Hope I can publish it tomorrow ^_^



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