Translation Error?

There are times when I just don't bother too much about details but once in a blue moon I can really care a lot about the details even for a normal daily stuff or routine that we always do or take.

Look at this item below, it's just a "Dutch Lady Low Fat High Calcium Milk" - the typical normal product we bought and consume in our daily life.

Very often most of us don't even bother to read about all the information on the packaging. Maybe we just choose the type(s) that we want and we only have a quick look at the price and the expiry date and that's it... grabbed it, made payment, go home, drink it.... end of story...

Eventually once in a blue moon, especially while transferring porn movie files from 1 hard disk to another, I like to do some simple reading... be it product information or Wikipedia or anything else available at that time.

That is when I spotted this spelling error and below I highlight the error in details...

You can see the bigger unedited photos below for further info;

Since when 17 in English means 14 when translated into Malay language? If that is the case, probably 17 in English means 19 in Chinese maybe? Funny isn't it?

And below is the producer/manufacturer of this brand/product;

Who ever the person in charge of making sure that all information on the product packaging is accurate and correct to their level best seems to be slacking in their job and deserve some punishment from that "Arnold" that you always saw in our Digirama....

This person should have great salary and wonderful office space and yet this still happens. If I'm the boss of the company... surely I will ask "Arnold" to talk to this person and thus he will say his favorite line "Asta La Vista Baby" - you know what that means I guess....

Thankfully though that this is not really a dangerous mistake, imagine if they made mistakes on the expiry date... that would be dangerous isn't it?

Nonetheless this is surely a laughing stock matter - from a big company with great reputation... I guess this is when people will use the usual excuse - "No body's perfect, shit happens sometimes".... yeah yeah yeah... LOL

I already send an e-mail to Dutch Lady Customer Service - I hope they do have a look at it seriously as I fear they might treat my e-mail as spam or junk - even worse, if they don't even bother to check their e-mails for several weeks maybe....

I wish them good luck....

As for us customer and consumer - "always read the label" - shit happens sometimes....

UPDATE: 15 March 2010

Eventually I did sent the following e-mail to Dutch Lady highlighting about this problem;

From: David John Shewsbury
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 1:52 PM
To: DLNC (Nutrition Center)
Subject: Spelling error on Dutch Lady product information

Hello Dutch Lady team,

I hope you can forward this e-mail to the relevant department so that they can take proper action.

Probably millions of people did not realized this but this has been happening for so long now.

As you can see from the attached photo of a "Dutch Lady Low Fat High Calcium Milk" - on the back side, if you read carefully, there is a translation error there;

It reads as below (in English);

"2 servings provide 17g of protein per day"

while the translation in Malay is as below;

"2 sajian membekalkan 14g protein sehari"

I don't know since when 17 in English become 14 in Malay - which means maybe in Chinese it can be translated as 19 maybe... do you see the picture?

Hope the person who do the product design and the QC officer can really do their job properly.

I believe this maybe just a spelling or typo error - thank god it doesn't involved a very important information about the product like Expiry Date.

Hope you can look into this matter accordingly.

David John Shewsbury


And they have comeback with the following response;


From : DLNC (Nutrition Center)
To : David John Shewsbury
Date : Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 2:53 PM
Subject : RE: Spelling error on Dutch Lady product information

Dear Mr. David John Shewsbury,

Thank you for your support towards Dutch Lady’s products.

Pertaining to your email today, we would like to apologize for inconvenience caused due to the printing error by our printing supplier on the packaging of Dutch Lady UHT Low Fat Milk 1L. Please be assured that the issue has been noted and verified since last year. The actual information should be “2 servings provide 17g of protein per day.”

Thank you once again for your valuable feedback to us. Without the help of consumers like you, we would otherwise not have the opportunity to improve on our services.


Dutch Lady Careline

Marketing Department
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (5063-V)
(an affiliate of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.)
13 Jalan Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
t 1800 88 1191
f +60 (0)3 79550654




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