Digirama - The untold story of Romeo and Juliet

The untold story of Romeo and Juliet basically cover the untold story of the incident as it was not recorded in history due to certain complication and controversy surrounding it.

Basically Romeo and Juliet were lovers, they love each other passionately so much but then again, sometimes shit happens and there are certain things that is way beyond our control...

It's a tragic love story, filled with lots of romance and plot - William Shakespeare sure knew how to make the story even more sweeter than that movie "There's something about Mary".

OK, we jumped directly to the final chapter of the story and this is where the tragic event happens....

Romeo learns of Juliet's apparent death from his servant Balthasar.

Not sure how it happens, but Romeo happen to see a bottle of drinks there... believed to be the poison that killed Juliet...

Love can make us do stupid things... no doubt about it...

Without naming any beneficiaries to his life insurance and other assets here and there and without further consideration to his income tax liability, Romeo just drink that stuff....

And this is when shit happens!!!! Thru "time machine", people from the future can travel back to the pass and do some stuff that may affect the history, while Romeo was drinking, something appear out of no where... at that time no body, not even William Shakespeare knew what is it... but in modern days, we all knew that this is one of those "time machine stuff"....

And worst still... you never want to see this boots coming out from the "time machine beam"

Yeah, it's our "Guest Star" - Arnold S....... The Terminator 2 theme music should be playing in your ear now...

Yeah... just like that... 1 shot... boom... our Mr. Romeo is a dead meat... and Arnold just left using the "time machine".

Again, this is why "time machine" is forbidden in Shewsbury Land and in several other countries around the world in accordance to the treaty agreement of the "Patriot Act 1978"

This part were not recorded and treated as none existence in the story because at that time, no body even knew about the existence of Nintendo DS, let alone "time machine".

As for the rest of the story you know how it is... Juliet then awakens and finding Romeo dead, stabs herself with a Swiss Knife dagger found in Romeo's pocket.

"For never was a story of more woe - Than this of Juliet and her Romeo"



  1. LOL Arnold the angel of death hahahha totally unexpected.

    and on side may I request that "you give love a bad name" continuation ? =)

  2. Aya, OK noted, actually we are now working on the script - it will be filled with advertisement slot and thus further fine tuning on the script writing is needed, the sequel shall be available in Shewsbury Land cinema near you within this month :p

  3. Arnold the governator strikes back!

  4. I laughed hard on Arnold's thoughts about the extra lines. I bet that he bit his tongue upon saying that.

  5. Arnold's just doing his job. Haha!

  6. Guess no "I'll be back" here is there? HAHA


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