Digirama - Long Formula Part 1 of 9

Shewsbury Land presents: Digirama - Long Formula (a.k.a The Duel).

Special remarks: This digirama is a tribute to Stephen Chow's movie "Love On Delivery"

Produced By : Shewsbury Production House

Producer : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Director : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Script : David John Shewsbury and John Wong

Casting by : John Wong and Elizabeth Wong

Director of Photography : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Editor : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Special Effects : Shewsbury Multimedia Division

Software Credits :
- Photoscape Ver. 3.5 (http://www.photoscape.org/)
- VLC media player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/)

Special Credits :
- Sex Is Zero (색즉시공, Saekjeuk shigong)
- Queen Victoria Hospital of Shewsbury Land (Sexual Treatment Unit)
- Dr. Aiya and Dr. Lee On from the above mentioned hospital and unit.
- The good people of Shewsbury Land
- Our beloved partners and service providers - Google, Blogger and Picasa

WARNING : This story is totally bullshit and just for fun. All characters name, products name and images are used for fictional and entertainment purpose only. We have no business intention or relationship with the respective brands/company.

To be continued...

Continue To Part 2 of 9 <<< CLICK THIS LINK



  1. Haha can't wait for the second part!! But AV director for teacher lol...

  2. LOL Chubby, all 9 Parts of the story have been uploaded on the same day, try check again.... hope you like it...


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