Digirama - The Big Boss

Shewsbury Land presents: Digirama - The Big Boss (A tribute to Bruce Lee's movie, The Big Boss)

Producer : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Director : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Script : David John Shewsbury and John Wong

Casting by : John Wong and Elizabeth Wong

Director of Photography : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Editor : David John Shewsbury, SLSC

Special Effects : Shewsbury Multimedia Division

Software Credits :
- Photoscape Ver. 3.5 (http://www.photoscape.org/)
- VLC media player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/)

Special Credits :
- Sex Is Zero (색즉시공, Saekjeuk shigong)
- Queen Victoria Hospital of Shewsbury Land (Sexual Treatment Unit)
- Dr. Aiya and Dr. Lee On from the above mentioned hospital and unit.
- The Chinese and Indian communities in China Town section within Shewsbury Land
- Our beloved partners and service providers - Google, Blogger and Picasa

WARNING : Do not eat/drink/masturbate or do any other sex related activities while viewing this Digirama. We are not responsible if it's disturb your momentum or caused any unwanted damages/injuries.

*** China Town, Shewsbury Land ***

... 20 minutes later ......

Notes : "Thambi" means "brother" in one of those Indian languages / local dialects - something like that....

Notes : "Porah lah" means something like "move away" in one of those Indian languages / local dialects - something like that/more or less....

Notes : "Kutta" means "dog" in one of those Indian languages / local dialects - something like that....

*** The End ***

7 lesson from this Digirama (as instructed by Social Security and Welfare Department of Shewsbury Land):

1) Kids, stay in school and learn to be a good person or a doctor and served the society.

2) Don't dream to be a gangster or mafia or anything equivalent just because you see them looks cool in the movie, the life is not as fun as you thought it would be.

3) Every man have dick/penis - you must look after it carefully coz severe injuries or infections down there can affect your (sex) life.

4) You don't have to be Buddhist to learn "Buddha's Hand of Sorrow" - as long as you are physically and mentally fit with proper secondary school education and have good attitude and self discipline, you can then contact Master See Foo from Buddhist Association of Shewsbury Land.

5) Just like that Gundam anime from Bandai/Sotsu/Sunrise, this "Digirama" is all about advertisement parody, don't take it seriously. All real-life products/brands mentioned in this Digirama are for fictional non-profit entertainment purpose only, no business intention or relation what so ever.

6) Don't just watch Hollywood or Hong Kong movies, you should also try watching other foreign movies from Japan, Korea and also India (they call it Bollywood) to improved your creativity and entertainment sense.

7) Remember, this is Shewsbury Land, like no other, anything goes, because life without sex is like a tree without fruit...



  1. A manly bog boss is manly. He even can withheld the pain until the fight is over. XD

    ... A punch in the nut is nothing to be trifle with... >.<

  2. They said to be a boss, you must be able to handle "the pain"....

  3. so full of values=) next up shewsbury school establishment=)

  4. hahahah this the best advertisement parody ever ^^, minus coca-cola and arumugam department store :(

  5. You should get them to do MJ beat it dance. LOL

  6. Wah really high budget work with product placement LOL

    And the last 4 pictures, I can never stop laughing every time I see them.


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