Ultraman Mask

Bought this cheap Ultraman Mask last time for a mere SGD 17.00 (about 1,000 yen) from the local departmental store.

As cheap as it is... this thing is actually an official merchandise item from one of the Ultraman series.

This is it... out of the box;

Strangely, the inside of this mask is almost fucked up - you can see crack here and there... sigh

This item comes with 3 units of those watch battery (coin type) and ready to play. The main gimmick is there are lights and sounds;

This is how it looks like when you put it on your face;

At some point I feel stupid hoping that the eyes will have light up gimmick as well - but at that price I guess I have to accept that it's quite impossible...

Eventually, I put this mask on our car now and I love to wear it once a while when driving.... LOL



  1. You should buy a kamen rider mask and put on your face while driving it lol

  2. Lol that will really be a pleasant surprise seeing Ultraman driving pass haha....or have you ever thought of wearing it in the bedroom lol?

  3. wow a classic mask,An Ultraman Drving a car i would like to see that on street :)

  4. this is a cool mask. You can add a LED at the eye if you want. LOL

  5. hi, may i know which departmental store can i go to purchase the ultraman mask in singapore?


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