Nike Pegasus 25

Bought this recently for a bargain price of SGD 106.47 after some 40% discount... eventually because of this, I canceled my pre-orders for Figma Kamen Rider Torque and Incisor - oh well, being "not rich" sometime you do have to do some compromise.... which is why I always hope that someday I can be a very rich man so I can buy many many things like sex toys vibrators and many other stuff from this list... LOL

The original price is SGD 169.00 - not as expensive as my old Nike Motto 6.

This Nike Pegasus 25 is part of their high end Bowerman Series (mainly great for running) and it has some great modern features like the "Nike Plus"

This Nike Plus eventually will enable you to connect your shoes to your "i-Phone" and thus you can collect some data like your speed, your performance and bla bla bla - though you also need to buy some sort of devices again before you can actually connect them all together.

Recently I really put serious effort to do some jogging and exercise at least just to avoid my self from gaining more weight and furthermore as they always said, it is good for health and bla bla bla....

This Pegasus 25 feels great to wear and make feel that I can run faster than Forrest Gump though I don't really put too much hope on it. As long as I can run comfortably, I guess that should be good enough...

By the way this is my old Nike Motto 6, still use it for outings nowadays.... this Motto 6 seems to be a little higher end than then Pegasus - at least judging from their original price.

I'm don't really care about brand, be it Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike or what ever, most important is the price and the shoes feel nice to wear.... thus I always bought them during the "sales time" where they offer great discounts.... which means I always end up buying the older model when the shop already have fewer choices for sizes coz by then the price is nice...

Nonetheless, since now Man. United use Nike, I figured that, I might as well use Nike.... LOL...

Do you have any particular favorite or must buy brand for shoes? I know that there are some people who want to use Adidas or Nike only or something like that for what ever reason they might have....



  1. wait you pre-ordered those Figma kamen rider again O_O i thought you hate them based on your review of course.

    Nice new shoes David,just curious with the Size you wear if you don't mind lol

  2. Haha when I bought Nike shoes 2 times in a row their soles dropped off within a few months. Never got Nike shoes since.

  3. i will buy the shoes that can fit my leg not the brand which i don't know why it is hard to find hahaha

  4. Aya, I just highlighted the goodness and the weakness of that Figma but I did not hate it, overall, I actually like the overall result of the Figma Kamen Rider from Max Factory. In fact if I don't mind to collect them all if situation permit... by the way the size for the Nike Pegasus 25 that I have is 6.5 (UK) and the Nike Motto 6 is 7.5 (UK) - my actually size actually 7 but somehow both size managed to fit my foots - maybe due to the "advance fit technology" by Nike.


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