Night Scenery

The National Day is coming soon and for this quiet town, that is when the streets look so lovely at night time...

The 3 photos below, I'm playing around with the slow shutter speed;

OK, these are now the normal night scenery shot;

I'm sure soon there will be many shutterbugs coming to town to capture all those lovely night scenery around the town....

Frankly speaking, I'm not really interested doing scenery stuff, in fact I just did this for fun sake to try out the slow shutter speed effect. I think Macro is more fun for me....



  1. So quiet... seldom for that road,really ^^

  2. Your exposure is too long or too width and thus the photo look too bright. Good try tho.

  3. LOL, which is why I mentioned there - "playing around". I actually experimenting using slow shutter speed in those photos - something like 30 seconds to 90 seconds....


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