Macro in the park

Went to the park again recently after a long hiatus for insects macro photography as the current weather in the winter is not really friendly for outings anyway... lot's of rain lately...

First is the collections of photos from Fujifilm HS10 with Raynox DCR-250 Macro Lens;

One of those spider species, not sure the exact name, but basically it's a spider... quite huge this one...

This one, I'm not sure what is the name, so I just call it Tommy Wong.... LOL

Next are the collections from Panasonic LX3 with Raynox MSN-202 Macro Lens;

Still the same spider.....

And still the same Tommy Wong... LOL...

This another one I don't know the name, so I call it Nancy Wong... LOL.... apparently I only managed to grab 1 shot of her and she fly away immediately after that - that's the challenge in this insects macro photography, not only you need to be lucky, you also need a sharp eyes to spot them and last but not least when the time comes, you need to be super fast or else you'll miss it.



  1. That's quite a lot of spider species there. Well capture.

  2. love your macro shots! nicely done.


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