Digirama - The Story of Saint Valentine

This is the legend of Saint Valentine (St. Valentine) in accordance to Shewsbury Land and that oldies love song "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ray Peterson.

This is Tommy;

This is Laura;

Tommy and Laura were lovers he wanted to give her everything;

The latest and the best Nokia mobile phones;

The wonderful car of Honda S2000;

And most of all - a wedding ring....

Bla bla bla... To cut the story short, one day while Laura was on her way to the church, she stumble upon 3 bad guys - pervert bad guys;

And just like any other Tamil or Hindi movie, our hero arrived at the scene right at the nick of time to save his darling Laura from those horny pervert bastards;

Knowing this gonna be a very though dodgy dog fight, Tommy tell Laura to escape right away...

And this seems to be his last glimpse of Laura.... ever....

As he now have to deal with the 3 bad guys;

And without shame or hesitation, the 3 of them quickly launch their most popular attack since the UC0079 era, the controversial "Jet Stream Attack" - the same attack that paralyzed Ultraman and Superman;

No, not this Ultraman - but the real Ultraman....

The above Ultraman, I can handle my self.... LOL

OK, back to the story - the deadly "Jet Stream Attack";

The odds are against Tommy, surely it is though to handle 3 Kamen Riders alone, perhaps only Bandai have the power to handle them efficiently;

And as expected, Tommy lose... and suffered multiple body and organ injuries - in other words, he is totally fucked up!!!

With his dying breath they heard him say;

But just like any other Quentin Tarantino movie, there is always an element of surprise. Out of no where "Arnold The Priest" appear, probably from a time machine of the future;

Just when you thought that Arnold is here to save the day.... you are wrong!!!! - well eventually he did, but he always try to improvised further in hope to achieve perfect ending;

Again with his dying breath Tommy say;

And as the song continues with the final words;

Now in the chapel Laura prays for her Tommy who passed away,
It was just for Laura that he lived and died alone in the chapel she can hear him cry
Tell Laura I love her... My love for her will never die...


Yeah... since then, every 14th of February everybody in Shewsbury Land celebrate "St. Valentine's Day", the day of love and romance, the day for men to pleased their ladies...

As fucked up as that proved to be but this is really a true story from Shewsbury Land.

If you want to read the other version of Valentine's Day and St. Valentine, go to Wikipedia.

Anybody can be this St. Valentine - a mechanic, a plumber, an engineer, office clerk, investment adviser, financial consultants or even a taxi driver.

Any man who tried his best to make his lady happy especially on St. Valentine Day is really a loving and wonderful man. He may not be perfect but he still try to be the best in his lover's heart...

Love your wife, your family, your friend, your neighbor and your mistress (LOL) - love them all, coz God create us in the name of love and want us to love one another the way God love all of us regardless of our nationality, race or skin color.

Together we are one in love forever and ever...



  1. tell laura i love her, is it a song?

  2. Weird version >_< still funny tho anyway Happy Valentine Day Shewsbury Land

  3. Gunpla4ever, you are so young indeed... yes it is a song, a very nice song, search in YouTube "Tell Laura I Love Her" and you shall be able to hear it....

  4. that was a oldies in 60s. IT was consider emo song of that time. Classic cos if you still hear it today you maybe move too. LOL But the song is that tommy die in speed driving. A fault of his own. LOL

  5. Alas, poor ol' Tommy. Who's head is blasted into pieces by a priest who wanted to end the suffering.

    Moral of the story: doing evasive can save lives. XD

  6. @DJ yes, i heard it before, it is a nice and touching songs

  7. LOL @ the dialogue between Tommy and Arnold The Priest!

  8. An excellent way of showcasing your figures though comic strips. Tell Laura is a touching story and she make it more lighthearted. Oh, I was expecting a happy ending. Lol...

  9. Dennis, well... in a way if you look at it from a different perspective, this story eventually produce some sort of "happy ending" coz at the end Arnold declared 14th February as Valentine Day... LOL


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