Chong Hock Toynation Shop

Chong Hock Toynation Shop finally have their own dedicated toys shop in Kiulap, BSB - basically just opposite the previous Chong Hock Group Head Quarters.

According to the information from their website;

[Opposite Chong Hock Music Center, same block as DreamCone, EasyWay and CAM Restaurant]

Temporary Business Hour
Monday - Saturday [10AM - 9.30PM]
Sunday [To Be Confirm]

The shop is basically 85% ready, there are still some minor fine tune and renovation need to be done but as you can see on the photo above business can resume right away.

The Chief Executive and Managing Director of the company - the honorable Mr. Eric Lim (one of the rich man in Shewsbury Land) choose "the Gundam" as the logo - a tribute to the most wonderful toys, hobby and plastic kit company and manufacturer - Bandai.

Eventually Gundam is the most popular mecha sex symbol in Japan. Many JAV actors familiar with Gundam and Bandai. Some people said, that is not really Gundam but rather the pervert Kamen Rider White in his final form after combining his body with Gavan thru plastic surgery.

A little bit of more photos within around the shop....

They will soon bring in some gorgeous ladies to help handle the customers, so please be patient, at the moment, Eric will handle everything with himself.... LOL

For now, I think that this cute cat is the most interesting thing I can see in this shop, the rest are just usual business stuff but this cat is awesome, in Shewsbury Land we call it Lucky Cat.

This cat will help your business prosper by grabbing more money from your customer's pocket without them noticing it... LOL...

To avoid this from happen, customers must behave themselves while they are inside the shop. Suspicious behavior will be punished accordingly....

Apparently I have one of this Lucky Cat - but smaller than this one....

Nonetheless, despite all the additional bull shit, David John Shewsbury and Shewsbury Land would like to congratulate Eric Lim for this important milestone of his hobby business and we hope more wonderful thing to come in the near future and Shewsbury Land as usual love to support the local toys, figures, hobby industry and cosplay activities....



  1. Cool... Nice to have such outlet near by, and also, lasted so long (est 2003).
    In my area, those places never really lasted for... a year or so. Reason: most think it's just a child's plaything (my socks!) or rather shy to be seen in public buying those things.

  2. wow it very spacious for a Toy shop.

  3. New Store always looks neat and clean :D

    I spot HGUC Dendrobium there

  4. Always nice at visit a toy shop near you. The shop look spacious and I see a lot of potential to utilize the space.


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