Una Hama Maki

In my quest to try as many types of shushi and maki in the local Japanese restaurant, recently I tried this Una Hama Maki...

Nonetheless, this Teddy Wong has now become our favorite companion for eating...

He is so gorgeous!!!!!!

And Tsukasa seems to enjoy her new outing partner.....

I wonder how many of you are crazy enough to always bring figures/toys when ever you go eating in the restaurant? Guest not many willing to do this right? As for us, it's become a habit now and it seems that 80% of the time we MUST always bring some figures or toys....

How about you? I guess not eh......



  1. you really love japanese food david

    and a very Dangerous pedo bear O_O

    I don't even bring camera when eat hahaha

  2. the place look empty lol

    is it during the mid of the month u went there??

  3. Empty? it was full house actually, I choose the best angle to avoid those humans... LOL

    Yes this is in the middle of the month as I always avoid visiting Japanese restaurant on month end, "Espers" like me is a bit choosy....

  4. Aya, I'm not sure if I really like Japanese food as it seems to be a normal weekly food to me... just like a car who needs petrol to move.... something like that... 1 thing for sure I love McD Big Mac the most - but due to health issue, I can't eat it always :-(


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