Hokeido Maki and Mango Pudding

Apparently, although I visited the local Japanese restaurant frequently, most of the times I ordered almost the same type of food that I love the most and thus this year I decided to try more new things while I have the chance...

The usual things that I love are as below;

Tsunami Meishi
= Spicy fried rice with seafood

Niniku Meishi
= Garlic fried rice

California Maki
= One of those maki variation, quite popular

Salmon Asparagus
= Deep fried salmon with asparagus

Niko Udon Dry
= Dry noodles with beef

As for drinks, I only prefer green tea and nothing else... Japanese restaurant is probably the only place where I will drink lots of green tea anyway...

And usually I will get another 1 or 2 Maki or Shushi (I rarely get sashimi though) and that's about it.

This time around, I decided to try this gigantic Hokeido Maki - that's how they spell the name in the menu.

It's quite large but the taste is nice - they gave 2 pieces of this... oh well, for me everything is nice, honestly I don't really know how to differentiate, as long as they are nicely made, have nice test, that should be done deal for me...

By the way it's been a long time since I brought both Tsukasa and Kagami for lunch outings....

Basically this the usual choice for today - never get bored with it - the simple Niniku Meishi (Garlic fried rice) and the reliable ejaculation booster - Salmon Asparagus.

No Anmitsu for today but instead I get the "lighter" Mango Pudding as dessert. The kids are so excited to see it;

This is it - the Mango Puding. They put a scoop of ice cream on top with a little bit of white cream;

Inside the pudding you can really find some mango;

By the way this is really not suitable for kids..... or else you will end up with this;



  1. What did u purposely do the ice-cream on the figurine or is it accidentally?

  2. gunpla4ever, they eat and play with the ice cream - naughty girls....

  3. u're food post always makes me hungry, John =(


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