Digirama - Incest

This is Suresh, a typical old pensioner, not much savings in the bank, just living on his monthly pensions (which is not so much) and depending heavily on his son Vikram who just got married recently….

Just like many other old man, Suresh is one hell of a pervert. Even at this old age, he still love to watch porn movies and looking at those sexy short mini skirts of young teenagers surely make his “little brother” rising up high (in other word it’s erection)

If only Suresh is rich, he would be in some brothels enjoying himself with many “comfort ladies” and/or geisha alike… Unfortunately, life is stranger than fiction, Suresh have to accept the fact that he can’t afford such luxury pleasures and entertainment...

Oh well… one fine rainy day, Suresh happen to be alone at home with his son’s wife, apparently at that time, Suresh just finished watching some porn movies and feel so hot and horny to the max.

and out of nothing, Suresh decided to take risk and go to his son’s bed room and try to “get lucky”

while in the middle doing that heinous vicious acts, Preeya (the daughter in law) managed to escape and shout for help and the neighbors then came and help her, catching the culprit along the way (Suresh)...

They then handed Suresh to police. After some normal investigation procedures, they put him into lock-up room while waiting for further legal procedures…

In the meantime, his son – Vikram, arrived at the police station and request for permission to meet his father… he want to talk to him…something like that...

NOTE: In case if you don’t understand, Suresh is referring to those “breast feeding period" when Vikram was still baby boy.

The End

Another important notes: This story is just a joke and fictional only. It is not intended or related to anyone with the same name as the characters in this story.

Don’t do stupid things that make you regret later in the future. Obey the law, have faith in your religion, love your family, your neighbor and your friend, respect one another and we all can live happily ever after in peace and harmony.... just like those blue people in Smurfs...

This story is brought to you by Arumugam Departmental Store... LOL...

Credit to FredNK for the initial script of this story. You can read it here (it's in Malay language though).



  1. Buahaha!!! Its so wrong but I can't just stop laughing hahah!!

  2. LOL WTF?!

    (good thing that the girls in my collection are the "not-so-gentle" types...). XD

  3. *Thudding head to table while laughing*

  4. Comic strips there's unsuitable for the young. I like...Lol....

  5. LOL a fair enough argument by the dad!


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