S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 The Next

This is the review of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 The Next, produced by Bandai.

Bandai's S.H. Figuarts series offers high-quality action figures combining form, movability and style in high dimension.

Aiming at co-existence of movability and ideal figure, the movable body technology is improved further by Bandai. The adoption of better movable points for the whole body is the result for the result from this improvement.

The box...

Out of the box...

You will get all these stuff;

The figure...

4 units of green mufflers and several extra optional hands....

As usual, let's have a look at the figure;

Articulation is never an issue, overall the articulation is excellent, the usual kneeling post is never a problem..

My only minor complain is on the neck part - that collar there seems prevent the head to bow down on sideways. Look at the close up below and you'll know what I mean;

As for the overall body detailing part, I think it's quite good, much better than the SH Figuarts Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.) that we reviewed here recently.

The green "V" for "Vagina" - as you can see on that belt....

Just like any other Kamen Rider in SH Figuarts figure series from Bandai, the shoes is made of die-cast metal to ensure stability and this is very useful to assist composition of various dynamic action pose.

And now its' action pose time...

And the usual Kamen Rider Kick - "Vagina Kick"

And another special ability of Kamen Rider V3 - "i-field generation" - this is very useful when he fight opponents that use "Funnel" technology like Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

This shall be enough to complete our collection for the first 3 Kamen Rider - 1, 2 and 3.

Some bonus outdoor photos;

A little bit of fun on the beach is wonderful....

Overall this is indeed a very nice action figure for Kamen Rider V3. It has excellent design, proportion, sculpt, detailing and articulation and you can grab as a collectors display items or you can bring it anyway and play with it as you please. If you want a nice action figure of Kamen Rider V3 with reasonable price range, this one shall be on your list.

The price from HLJ is 2,200 yen (roughly about SGD 35.00 before adding shipment charges)



  1. Love the outdoor shots! Now you have the whole set!

  2. LOL last 2 Pictures hahahaha

  3. Actually, the abbreviation S.H. stands for Simple and Heroic. Something which Bandai tries to achieve from S.H. Figuarts which is to create superbly articulated, non gimmicky figures that'll make other humanoid figures at the scale look like throwaway chumps.

  4. Nightslash, SHF make other humanoid figures look like a throw away chumps?

    What the fuck? You must be drinking too much sperm...

    SHF figures is not perfect anyway, and no figures are really "perfect". Apart from the great detailing, SHF still have their lousiness here and there, that lousy shoulder and the sometimes trouble some pelvis joints are some of the annoying issue I have with SHF but I guess for hardcore SHF "they will say it's OK, it's perfect" - surely not for me.

    To say that SHF is the best in the world and other action figure is just a throw away chumps, that is rather an insult to the whole figure industries....

    I can appreciate SHF and Figma and Revoltech (and many other type of figures) they way they are but to simply label 1 of them as a king is not my cup of tea and that is never the aim of Shewsbury Land, ever...


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