Roti Kosong

Sounds familiar right? Some call it roti kosong some call it roti canai (chanai) either way it's the same. If you go to any "Mamak stall" or Indian restaurant (in in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore), they sure knew what you mean. It is a popular food found in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore while in India they call it as Kerala porotta.

You can read further about it in Wikipedia but today I would like to share about this special "roti kosong" from a restaurant in Iskandar Curry House. According to Shewsbury Land benchmark, their "roti kosong" is certainly the best in the land... there is no other like it, the one and only.

What makes this one different from others?

First, it is so crunchy - from the first bite, I knew that the taste is different from the rest...

Secondly, if you asked for "full package" they will give you all these stuff - though eventually you can also choose that you like only - corn beef, dal and sardinas;

And finally they also gave you a bowl of beef (or chicken) curry.... there are some meat inside for you to chew...

This so called "full package" cost about almost SGD 2.00 (B$2.00) only and usually it is enough to make you full though maybe if you have monster stomach, then by all means, grab 3 or 6 pieces as you like.

This restaurant is on the same block of that WyWy Restaurant in Lambak, near that cross-road area. You can go to Google maps ( and copy/paste the following numbers in the Search box = 4.963634,114.950788 and the map shall bring you to the place.

Do you also like to eat this "roti kosong"



  1. Roti canai = NAIS
    Martabak Jawa = EPIC.

  2. I just like "roti kosong" without anything on it :D hahaha

  3. And... what ur opinion about instant roti kosong?

  4. Sure looks interesting, and temptingly delicious *drooling*.

  5. Roti: Malay for bread
    Kosong: Malay for empty
    Roti Kosong: Empty um... Bread?
    It doesn't seem to make any sense but it's still tempting, for those who eat toast, eggs and bacons for breakfast (Cause' I like bacon).


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