Sounds familiar? not the planet Apollo but rather the "Apollo - Chocolate Layer Cake". I recently found this in the local supermarket and suddenly I decided to give it a try and immediately it become a favorite.

In Malaysia, many kids and teenagers and probably some of the adults knew this product as this is the sponsor for that Saturday and Sunday anime slot (voiced in Malay Language though) at 10.00am or 10.30am - I can't really remember the time now.

Apollo is produced by Apollo Food Industries.

I think it was first started with the long "Dragon Ball" anime and followed by the rest.

I think most people are kind of familiar with the music of the advertisement as well. It can be annoying though as while you're concentrating watching the anime, out of nowhere, the advertisement appear.

Well, that was long time ago...

To be honest though, after many years now, this year finally I tried this cake. Unbelievable? That's the truth - all these years I just ignore this stuff and only by chance that recently when I was looking for something in the supermarket and I suddenly saw this item and I say to my self, let's give a try....

Overall, I think I like the taste, just like any other cakes, it's kind of a little sweet to my liking but I think I can live with it..

Eat it together with a glass of Milo (some sort of hot chocolate drink) or coffee or tea, it can be a brilliant instant breakfast menu set...

Eventually there are several other flavors available namely plain layer cake, strawberry, milk and cocoa twins, kaya, pandan, coconut and pandan twins, blueberry, cocoa, original red cherry, coffee and banana.

I would love to try the strawberry and that milk and cocoa twins flavor next time (if I can find it).

Do you know about this "Apollo - Chocolate Layer Cake" ? Have you tried it before? Which flavor is your favorite?



  1. I remember eat some apollo brand chocolate,but never eat this one

    the most familiar with me is this one

  2. Never ate before but aware and saw it advertisement at Malaysia channel. :)

  3. Oh no.. Now that you love it, i might bought it as much as i can for future stock hehe...
    Anyway, i love the banana flavour. Eat it while you're having a afternoon tea.

  4. never tried apollo's brand of choco cake but i do enjoy these small sponge cakes.. its great when your mouth gets itchy and needs something to munch on. heh! mine, i forgot the brand alr, but its sponge cake on the outside and cream of diff flavors on the inside. nice! ^^

    ren. ^^

  5. loving it, i still got some few packets left.

  6. I think this brand in SG is hard to find


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