Robot Tamashii 00 QAN [T]

This is the review of Robot Tamashii 00 QAN [T] from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer" produced by Bandai.

Note: As at the day of this review, I haven't watch the movie yet...

The price is 3,500 yen (about SGD 56.00 before adding shipment charges), surely not cheap but if you lazy to work on the 1/144 scale GunPlaMo kit (1/144 HG 00 Qan [T] ) - which available at 1,600 yen (about SGD 26.00 before adding shipment charges), I guess this action figure from Robot Tamashii is the only way to obtain the OO Qan (T) - at least at this point of time.

Probably many will say that this figure is expensive and yes I can admit that it is pricey but you must also understand that this item is from "Bandai Collectors Division" also known as "Tamashii Nation" and thus this figure have more collectible value than those model kits as the market segment and targeted audience for Robot Tamashii items is slightly different than those model kits produced by "Bandai Hobby Division".

In a way, if you are a person who lazy or have no time (or dislike) to work on model kits and willing to pay extra for "ready to play out of the box" item, then Robot Tamashii as well as SHCM Pro and GFF/GFFN figures is certainly suitable for you.

But if you are a person who have plenty of time to spare and love to work on a model kits, then I guess, you will not be interested in this kind of action figures as probably you can get a better result with all the knowledge, skills, effort and expenses at your disposal thru the model kits that you build.

I hope that someday Bandai will produced another figure of this model thru their more expensive series - the "Super HCM Pro" and/or the "GFFN" - personally I would prefer the GFFN as they will have wonderful decals all over the body with Katoki touch in it.

Nonetheless, let's start the review now...

The box...

Out of the box...

You will get all these stuff....

A manual is included but they're not as good as those manual that comes with the GunPla. I have to spent some 30 minutes to really understand the whole stuff... guess I'm too old for this...

As usual, let's have a look at the Gundam;

Articulation for Robot Tamashii figure is always good.... this kneeling pose is never a problem.

Let's have a close up look at the Gundam again;

If you see the design since the time of Gundam Exia and OO Gundam, they just did some touch up here and there, a little tweaks and mod here and there - finally OO Qan (T) is the end result.

OK then, action pose time....

And finally this thing, what ever it is.... Bandai did give a stand where you can attached all those GN Sword Bits thingy but you still need to have one of those Tamashii Act Stage for this - I use the Tamashii Stage Act 4 Humanoid Support Type: Clear.

At the end I decided to leave it as it is and display this model just like this.... looks pretty cool....

And evidently I forgot about these stuff;

Oh well, its not that important anyway....

Overall, this is a nice action figure and completed models of OO Qan(T) from Robot Tamashii. Apart from the manual which I think a little too simple, I guess I have no other complains what so ever on this figure.



  1. Nice display and effect parts included 8-O

  2. Uuu... Must. Resist. Urge...

    also, looks like some of your pictures are a "bit" over the bright side. Having a hard time discerning the white parts from the background.

  3. I don't have any Robot Tamashii but I believe like the previous MSiA line, the extra price goes to the durability as well. These things are built for play and probably won't break as easily as gunpla kits do.

  4. BD77, this whole week I was experimenting on the effect of the "Over Exposed" photos and the relevant effect on it when viewed on different image size. Most of the photos for reviews within this week being "OE" or overly bright are done on purpose by me.... don't worry, this is just experiment purpose only....

  5. This RD 00 quanta is sure exp


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