Mascot for Shewsbury Land

Many months ago I ask my friend BD77 to do a mascot girl for Shewsbury Land. However as he busy watching lots of Japanese porn movies, he need more time to rest before he can use his hands to draw again and after a while he finally came up with a sample.

And this is it;

What do you think about it? I already told BD77 the changes that I want to see in the next prototype - but maybe some of you would like to give additional comments for him - though it is unlikely for him to be bothered about it as the final say will comes from me - but maybe some encouragement would be OK for BD77 (also known as Mr. Bee Dee in Shewsbury Land LOL)

For sure BD is really talented and capable with his hands.... hehehehehehe.... If you don't believe me, you can see him in the previous drama produced by Shewsbury Land = Here to Zero.



  1. She looks good,but i thought you will put all your " pervert imagination" on her :D

  2. LOL so thats how to keep your hands trained? BD is skilled indeed, his artwork is awesome! i think the character is cute but im not too fond of the color. i see your layout is red and yellow, but the yellow top is not so flattering.

    i agree with Aya, i though your mascot would be permanent "cast off" mode :P i look forward to the updates.

  3. I has sensed pervert madness goin' on this drawing.


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