Quite busy at work and no new figures and toys arrive yet this week so nothing much for me to upload but nonetheless I manage to find a little free time now to share this interesting issue about expensive price in E-Bay.

There is this seller in E-Bay selling a limited edition Figma Gantz Reika what ever shit that is.

The item price is USD 89.99 - which in fact is USD 90.00, that's roughly about SGD 130.00

As a side note, if I really want such limited edition Figma, I guess I can swallow the price, in fact that would be the maximum range I'm willing to pay (within SGD 150.00) - and surely this is only for the so called "limited item" only and if I really really desperately want that particular Figma so much - it has to be something really special though.

So the price is USD 90.00 - but the shipment charges is a whopping USD 2,500? Some of you might say - What the fuck!!!, really, what the fuck!!!

Click the photo below for bigger view:

And you can click the E-Bay link below;


Not only Hitler will say "You son of a Nazi whore!!!" - but at the end he will add "Chibai!!!"

Nonetheless, I tend to believe that it is some error - or so I believe, I didn't bother to really ask question to the seller since I'm not really going to buy it now anyway.

However, if that is not an error but a firm and correct information from the seller, I guess I would ask him to go fuck himself!!! LOL - don't think anybody else would buy that item with such "nice" shipment charges.... even an average Japanese prostitute is way much cheaper...

What do you think?



  1. wow! but if you scroll down, it reads 24.99, perhaps a wrong decimal place?

  2. I doubt Hitler would actually know the word "chibai!" LOL.
    But seriously? US $2500 for shipping? That's hella crazy!!!

  3. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 2500 USD for shipping charges................................................................... where the seller live ?? i mean after that U.S package "bomb" issue,it's really hard and expensive to deliver something...

    but I think this one is an error

  4. scroll down david

    it's said

    US$24.99 for EMS .(Tracking & Insurance $200 or more)

  5. Which is why I said: "Nonetheless, I tend to believe that it is some error".... hehehehe...

    at least this article made you click on that link and view the ads hahahahaha... the experiment met it's objective....

  6. If you get it.... Can I fondle her too? LOL

    Don't get any other meaning ah you people, Im merely experimenting.... LOLOLOL

  7. WTF so exp!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. LOL that is one hell of a pricey figure >.<

  9. Lol AstrayP03. It's normal, unopen limited figures tend to be expensive in eBay. This is why we shouldn't made late decisions when pre-order limited stuffs.

    But David, you might need to look harder in eBay. Here is the better one, 5% off for few more hours >=) http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/MAX-Factory-Figma-SP005-Gantz-Reika-Suit-Limited-figure-/170381193534?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27ab82b13e


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