Easy Way

When it comes to Milky Tea, there is no other way buy Easy Way... well at least for most of us the regular customer/visitors of Chong Hock Toynation in Kiulap.

Easy Way is usually the last shop to visit and grab some of those delicious tea and other type of cool drinks before we go home.

I personally love the Milky Tea with Pearl and also the Milky tea with Green Apple Jelly...

Last time the shop is only small and tiny and after several years of operating, the boss decided to expand the business and get a bigger premise....

I personally feel that the new premise is brilliant and more enjoyable and friendly as you can now sit down while waiting for them working on your orders....

On top of that, recently they also offer Nasi Lemak and you can also buy some bread/bakery stuff from their premise....

They have 2 and sometimes 3 lovely helpful staff to assist you....

This is the Milky Tea with Pearl that I like so much....

Do you also like Milky Tea?



  1. Not a fan of milked tea (but more of milked coffee) but will accept if offered. =D

    Looks like its even Kamen Rider approved, the drink. XD

  2. I like milk tea esp this type which is taiwan milk tea with pearls but I try not to drink so much now as the amount of sugar is high.

  3. milk tea is really good but i dont like boba ^^;

  4. I Do like milky tea,and same with rocklee i don't like boba too >w<


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