Waiting for Panasonic LX3

We are now waiting for the highly regarded advance compact digicam, the mesmerizing Panasonic Lumix LX3 in which Cliff Smith from Trusted Reviews claimed as one of the few compact cameras that can produce useable images at 1600 ISO and one of the very few compact digicam that he would consider buying for himself.

He further added that it is a superbly designed and immensely capable all-purpose compact that will satisfy any keen photographer, but is also capable of producing good results in the hands of a novice.

I've been reading most of Cliff Smith's review and I would say I believe him and other positive reviews from other websites have further convinced me to grab this beast.

Oh yeah, the famous Danny Choo also use Panasonic LX3 as one of his many cameras - and maybe many others out there as well - it's a Panasonic "ideas for life"

Since December 2009, this is our 5th camera in 10 months - Panasonic FZ28, Olympus E450, Canon 1000D, Fujifilm HS10 and next is the LX3 (finally). In fact this is my dream camera since last year but I was waiting for the price to go down a bit and since the new Panasonic LX5 just appear in the market now... there is no better time to grab the LX3...

Since using my first digicam, the Panasonic LZ7 in 2008, I've learn lot's of thing about photography - and yet still many things that I need to learn but for now it's sufficient for me to say that I knew exactly the "power" of this LX3 and how to get the best out of it and I'm so looking forward to it....

Hopefully by next week, we can do the "test drive" and write some article about it here in Shewsbury Land.

In the meantime, I have some maintenance work to do on our computers and online album accounts - organizing photos, delete this and that and so on.

We hope that you will have a nice weekend.




  1. not yet in possession eh? hehehe

  2. wow 5 cameras in 10 months why not saving your money first david maybe you can buy better camera ???

  3. Wow that's quite an arsenal you got there ^^;

  4. i like the LX3 too.. played ard with it before. its also my dream cam. ^^ right now im using lumix FX-33 which is alr a good cam. cheap and affordable for both! hope to see some test shots soon! haha.


  5. Aya... hahaha... I think it's just my hobby to try and experiment different models... but this LX3 is good one and it's ideal as my 2nd camera.

  6. Ren n Tako, the review is up, you can have a look at it;



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