Nasi Lemak V2

This is Nasi Lemak Goh. I knew about this from my lovey friend and retainer, Vicky. The seller sell this from heir home, just within 1KM from Shewsbury Land.

The price is B$ 2.00 (SGD 2.00) and usually they also include some fried chicken but as for me, I told them that I don't need the chicken.

The contents, slightly more than the Nasi Lemak Lim, they give 1 boiled egg and a little bit of anchovies and peanuts and some nice amount of sambal (sauce).

The sambal is brilliant - at first I thought it is just an average sambal made by Chinese but this is not one of those average sambal - it is really spicy and as someone who get used to eat spicy Indian curry - I love this very much.... brilliant, absolutely brilliant.... this is equivalent to some of those wonderful spicy sambal made by Malays and Indonesians....

So apart from the B$ 0.80 cents Nasi Lemak Lim, this Nasi Lemak Goh is now another favorite of mine when in comes to Nasi Lemak....



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