Kai Fan (Chicken Rice)

This is the popular chicken rice from Tien Tien, one of the well known fast food outlets in here.

Chicken rice is a dish of Chinese origin and is quite commonly in Malaysia, Singaporean, Brunei although it is also commonly sold in Thailand and Indonesia.

There is and old phrase saying - where there is Chinese, there will be BBQ pork rice (Cha Siu Fan) and chicken rice (Kai Fan).

Usually served with some soup and some chili liquids....

This meal is quite cheap and can be found almost every where. I love it, many people do. In here the price varies in accordance to the restaurant/outlets - usually around SGD 3.00 or SGD 3.20 or SGD 3.50 and in some expensive restaurant the price can be higher.... all for the same, you just pay for the luxury of that restaurant actually.



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