S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Double Machine HardBoiler

This is the review of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Double Machine HardBoiler from Kamen Rider Double (W) TV series produced by Bandai.

The box...

Out of the box...

Basically this all that you will get and of course some manual if you interested to have a look at it. The bike and the display base/stand.

The display base/stand... as simple as it should be...

Attaching it to the bike is so easy....

Let's have a look at the bike...

I'm not sure who is the actual manufacturer of the bike for the TV series, but judging from the shape, my guess is this HardBoiler is actually from one of those Honda CBR model series though I'm not sure which one actually.... just a wild guess... is it possible that this actually from one of those Suzuki or Kawasaki - I just don't know...

The detailing is not that great, Bandai just produce the bare minimum required.... Maisto can do better than this.

There is some basic "suspension effects" on the rear wheel/tire (tyre) part but nothing much to shout about actually.... That chain thingy is not movable... fix as it is...

The other gimmick is this side stand.... wow!!!!

The "exhaust pipe" look so "toy"

You can turn the front wheel and handle to the left and right like this;

And that's about it... nothing much to highlight further....

So the only thing left to do now is to let those Kamen Rider ride this HardBoiler.... unfortunately, we don't have any S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker but I guess this Heat Metal guy should be OK, they are all at the same scale and shape anyway - just a minor color and sculpt tweak here and there...

Vroom vroom vrooooooooooooooom....................................

Even the Tatoba Oz could use this bike for a joy ride actually.....

Overall, this bike or rather HardBoiler is suitable to those hardcore fans or collectors of Kamen Rider Double (W) series and suited Cyclone Joker the best. The details is not that great but for what is worth Bandai did a good job to produce this HardBoiler and it should be a great add-on for those who have the figure of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone Joker.

The price is about SGD 75.00, available from the local hobby/toys retailer near you - while stock last....



  1. Damn I'm jealous! wanted to get this but it was sold out so fast T_T so was the bike for Kamen Rider The First T_T

  2. 75 for this bike that can't do anything is too ex for me. Plus the detail could be better....

  3. I like the bike.... But 75 bucks too expensive.... Plus the details ain't that good... I agree with you, DJ, it looks more like a toy. (it is a toy.....)

  4. Yup, the price from Bandai is not cheap either... I would recommend you all to just buy those nicely detailed bikes from Maisto die cast which you can get from the local departmental stores easily. The price is much cheaper, get the huge 1/12 scale to match this one....

  5. can figma use it also?? or is it too big or too small for the figma?


    I heard there's some add on parts for it but, it's exclusive...

  7. @AstrayP03 HLJ still have them

    @David so Maisto better than this ?? and it's plastic :(

  8. Ryu, Figma is more or less like SHF though overall most female Figma is a little shorter/skinny than the SHF figures... I would say it be OK if you're not fussy about proportion but overall its a little too big, you better try those die cast Maisto bikes from Hua Ho, bring your Figma there, and see which scale that will fit the Figma best.

    You can view the die cast Maisto 1/18 scale and Figma combination below;


    This HardBoiler seems to be at 1/12 scale so you can try to consider the 1/16 scale maybe.

  9. Aya, yeah I would personally recommend the Maisto die cast bike, they're cheaper and better detailed.

  10. @Aya nah. HLJ doesn't offer discounts unlike amiami :P I'll try hunting for them when I go to hk end of this yr ^^

  11. @AstrayP03 if you just purchase the Bike only AmiAmi's Shipping cost is too expensive not much differences except you buy multiple stuff from there.

  12. Aya, agree with you, the shipping cost from AmiAmi is so "LAN CHOW" - so fucked up - I remember my items they shipped out in end of August, the shipment charges was SGD 108.00 for only several items - HLJ will only charged me around SGD 60.00 to SGD 70.00 maybe for similar order. This is because AmiAmi used a very big fucking box that can fit 5 or 6 units of big MG box for my 3 units of small Figma and a GFFN Unicorn FA. Fuck them!!!

    I did complained to AmiAmi and the excused given by them is that they love to purposely used a bigger box (even if your item is only small - say for example just 2 or 3 Figma) because they worried that if they use the small box the items inside the shipment will suffer damaged during "transportation" citing some customer in other countries did experience such unlucky thing and thus AmiAmi will always use a big fucking box for the shipment and this will add unnecessary cost in which the customer who have to pay anyway - why would AmiAmi care coz it's not them who pay.

    At the end, the great price and discount that they offer on the website is just a "fuck".

    HLJ will revise their price soon to in response to AmiAmi price and also to the soaring Yen rates and I can assure you that HLJ always efficient and customer friendly when it comes to shipping charges.

    But even so, AmiAmi are very fast when it comes to processing the item shipment after receive the payment from customer - credit on them on this one.... sigh... and once a while I will still order from AmiAmi anyway LOL....


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