Meiji Hello Panda

You probably seen this item in the supermarket while doing your usual groceries shopping - some will ignore it, some don't bother about it, some will always look for it, some will get it once in a while... no matter what, the Panda has been around for quite some time now and it seems to be quite popular...

The familiar word - as simple as it is - HELLO PANDA.....

Basically its just a biscuit stuffed with chocolate cream inside it - some will just call it "junk food"

They also print some image on the biscuits illustrating the panda with plentiful of sports activities....

This is how the inside looks like basically...

As simple as it is, this biscuits can be addictive.... you eat it one, and then another one, and another one and so on while watching TV or playing video games... next thing you know... you have eaten 30 to 40 pieces of them and the taste is quite yummy...

The maker is Meiji Seika, you can visit their website or - originally a Japanese company who later expand to the global market. They have a factory in Singapore...

Do you also like this Hello Panda stuff ?

Do you get them often - monthly / weekly / daily ?

If yes, which type/flavor is your favorite?



  1. i like vanilla n strawberry flavor!!~ and also cookies n cream flavor! we need more flavors.. like durian or mango LOL

  2. I eat 'em once in a while, love that classic snack tastes!!
    and I prefer that classic choco flavor

    why don't you compare this Meiji's Hello Panda to the Lotte's Koala March?? it would be very interesting to hear the comparisons bro!! ^^

  3. Lotte's Koala March ? I have no idea about it.. will look for it soon... cheers..

  4. lotte stuff u can try find at hua ho there have but i like the meji stuff better but they can be a little expensive

  5. Delicious! I love the chocolate and vanila flavours. but..... I haven't eaten them in quite a while.... I can't remember when was the last time I ate them lol....


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