1/72 T-34/76 1943 Winter Camouflage

This is 1/72 T-34/76 1943 Winter Camouflage - a Russian tank. This is made from plastic model, highly detailed and beautifully painted by Easy Model (Trumpeter China).

"Easy Model" is the new Trumpeter brand name for completed models, with AFV models being released in 1/72 scale. The models come completely painted and weathered, with nothing left to do except enjoy them in your mini-scale AFV collection! This model depicts a Russian Army T-34/76 Model 1943 in winter white camo with red slogans painted on the turret.

The box...

No display case and no display base.... they just screwed the tank onto that plastic... well, in a way they made that clear soft plastic to be the display base....

This completed plastic model kit is decently detailed and beautifully painted by the expert in Easy Model/Trumpeter. Not as great looking as those Panzers made by Dragon Models but if you can get this at a cheap price, then why not....

If you like Vodka and Cha Siu Fan (Pork Rice) - then you could like this model.



  1. I'm lost... why vodka and char siu fan? :S

  2. Vodka and Cha Siu Fan (Pork Rice)8-O still confused with relationship of those with this tank ???

  3. To answer your confusion, try read earlier articles about the other tanks, I uploads 7 of them at one go... you need to go to the homepage first to see the complete listing.... hehehehe


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