Spider V2

So far I haven't managed to get a very good shots on spider yet. I've tried in the past, which you can still see in here, and also here and here and lastly in here.

I always found or saw spiders in such odd location or amongst the tiny space or gap on a flower plant or tress and combined with other geographical factor like terrain issue plus the spiders are quite agile and always moving around as well - I would say it is really such a big challenge...

Hopefully someday I can have better luck and get better photos than what you've seen here...



  1. Was this taken from far away?

    Hairy, scary, but cool!

  2. Very near.... my lens is just within 2 inches from the spider.... but damn it's quite difficult to get a good shot... out of 20 plus photos, only these few that I can consider OK...


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