Archangel I want thee

I've been Googling around to look for 1/1700 EX-19 Archangel plamokit review and so far it's kind of difficult to really find one... (if you know any blog/site that have the review of this item, please let me know)

I decided to do the review here in Shewsbury Land so that other people can get some info about this product if they need it. I then asked one of the toy/hobby shop in Japan to send this item to me for assembly work and review and hopefully I will receive them by next week and I hope I can publish the review as soon as by the end of this month (June 2010).

Note: I do not claim any rights on the above photos. All photo credits and rights belong to Hobby Search Online Shop.

This Archangel from Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny will require paint and glue to complete because it is an "EX" model from Bandai which is in fact targeted for the advanced modeler because it need some cement/glue and surely painting job to complete - honestly it is not something for a beginners and lousy but lazy GunPlaMo kit fans like me....

The EX Model is another high-detail line from Bandai, in scales of 1:144 and 1:100 (non-humanoid units like aircraft) and 1:1600/1:1700 (spaceships), ranging from the Universal Century to Cosmic Era productions. This series is not Gundam-exclusive, having models from other series like some of the jet aircraft from Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze and at least one aircraft from Ace Combat 5.

The "EX" models offer better detail and accuracy than Bandai's regular snap-fit kits, and allow you to paint precise color schemes on it.

A display base is included as well as scale mini models of the Aile Strike Gundam, Buster Gundam, Moebius Zero and Sky Grasper - all unpainted!!!

Although I knew that this model is kind of difficult (at least for a lazy bum like me) but that doesn't stop me from getting it due to my strong affection towards Gundam Seed - the Gundam anime that made me fall in love to GunPlaMo kits and making it as my most important hobby other than watching Japanese Adult Videos (JAV).

Furthermore the beautiful Captain Murrue Ramius is also another reason for me wanting to get the Archangel so badly... I think I love both Murrue Ramius and Sumeragi Lee Noriga and my fantasy ambition to have sex with both of them never seems to fade - both of them certainly are good commanding officer with great battle tactical knowledge but more importantly they have a beautiful body and promise lots of excitement in bed...

Must be fun to have sex (lots of sex) with either or both of them... hahahahaha,

Nonetheless, in addition to this Archangel, I also suddenly found a Murrue Ramius trading figure from "Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines" in E-bay today so I decided to quickly bought it as well.

The price is USD 5.00 and the shipment cost another USD 5.00 - no comments on that...

Hopefully when the Archangel is completed by end of this month, I can display Murrue Ramius alongside the Archangel on my coffee table...

Eventually I plan to ask my friends to do all the paintings for me and I hope to get a good result from it...

As at now, this item available from HLJ for 4,500 yen (about SGD 69.00) plus shipment charges about 1,200 yen (about SGD 19.00) - If you interested, you better grab it while stock last - according to my experience, this model sells pretty fast, it's been almost a year now the stock was not available in HLJ but suddenly last April when I re-check the stock status again, suddenly it is available for "May Restock" and as at today the stock seems to be (still) available.

And once this is done... the next target will be the expensive Ptolemaios.

Note: I do not claim any rights on this photo. All photo credits and rights belong to Hobby Search Online Shop.

At 12,000 yen (about SGD 190.00 before adding the shipment charges at around SGD 80.00 - to South East Asia - other regions might have higher/lower cost)

You can get this Ptolemaios both from either HLJ or Hobby Search - if the stock is available or maybe you can also try and order from the local retailers if they can get this item...

But for now - it is the Archangel - Can't wait for it.... Archangel I want thee...

Update - 29 June 2010 - The review of 1/1700 EX-19 Archangel (LCAM-01XA) is now available in Shewsbury Land. Click here to read it.



  1. Lol DJ, I don't mind sumeragi though :D

    I never seen an EX model before actually so looking forward to your review on this kit :D Maybe i might consider adding in to my table top haha!

  2. This review is about the ship kah or having sex ni ?

  3. haha............what is your point in this post? having sex with both iof them or telling that ship? XD


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