1/144 HG OO Gundam Seven Sword (GN-0000 GNHW/7SG)

This is the review for 1/144 HG OO Gundam Seven Sword (GN-0000 GNHW/7SG).

Honestly I don't remember seeing this Gundam in the anime... the 00 Gundam yes, it appear in the anime... but not those 7 swords thingy...

And when we mention about the "7 Seven Sword" - it's a fuzzy maths but basically these are all the armaments;

1)GN Buster Sword II (The biggest of them all - 1 unit can't miss it)
This massive weapon is attached to the solar furnace of the left shoulder, and has 2 modes of operation. In its "keep" state, aka shield mode, a large all direction GN Field is generated. From the scope of the GN field emission, it appears to also be able to protect nearby allies. With regards to the development of this weapon, Ian Vashti analysed the GN Buster Sword of GN-XII from an insider. With modifications and improvements, this weapon became a melee weapon with top class destructive power.

2) GN Katars (2 units on the side of the legs)
Medium sized swords mounted on the add-on parts at both knees. These are a variation of the katars that made up the 00's original modular shield. The cutting edges are made of the material developed from those that are used in GN condensers. As the GN particles change to heat, the heat is transferred to whatever is in contact at the moment. With this feature in theory, it is possible to attack at high temperatures that cannot be endured by the material of the GN Katar. Still in the prototype stage.

3) GN Long Blade II (1 unit)
Mounted on the right of the waist, it has an enhanced rifle mode compared to the currently adopted GN Sword II. Conversely, it also has decreased rapid fire capability and increased particle consumption. It's equipped with the premise of the complete operational Twin Drive System, and also is the only weapon of the Seven Swords designed for long range battle.

4) GN Short Blade II (1 unit)
Mounted on the left of the waist, the GN Sword II was developed as a projectile weapon to replace the GN Beam Dagger which Setsuna often used when piloting Exia. The tip part of the sword is attached to a wire, and can be shot out and retracted as many times as needed.

5) GN Sword II Blaster (1 unit)
A new weapon developed for 00 after the final battle with the Innovators. The blaster's appearance closely resemble the GN Buster Rifle used by the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon. It is seen being tested with 00 in a weapon test.It is said to specialise on shooting aspects as well.The G at the new addition of the Seven Sword Model number is a reference to the addition of this new weapon, which stands for "GUN".

The box;

All the runners...

OK, let's have a look at the body of the 00 Gundam;

Apart from minor modification on the leg/knee part... the rest is basically typical 00 gundam.

Articulation wise... as at today we still believe that 00 Gundam is the king of articulation for 1/144 scale GunPlaMo kits (for Gundam only - those bad guys MS from whatever kingdom they're from is not included).

Part of this is due to the modern approach on the mecha design plus the technology nowadays are getting better and Bandai surely knew that they have to improve the articulation of their 1/144 scale HG kits to make it looks more attractive than it was in the past... target achieved... well done, Bandai...

Kneeling is never are problem....

Some additional test on the articulation and pivot points...

So now, lock and load, all the weapon stuff on the Gundam and ready for some actions...

Some action pose with all the weapons... I try to keep the photos to the minimum amount....

GN Sword II Blaster and GN Buster Sword II (in shield mode)

The GN Long Blade II and GN Sword Blade II in actions...

The GN Short Blade II have some fun extra gimmick on it... I like it...

And the 2 units of the GN Katars...

And last but not least, GN Buster Sword II in the sword mode.... destructive heavy sword... something like that Gran Slam of Strike Gundam....

This sword is pretty heavy.... it is impossible to handle with just 1 arms... you need the strength of both to handle and balance it...

And last but not least... the 2 beam saber from the ass...

Well, that's all... I tried to minimize the amount of photos in this post...

Overall this is the same 00 Gundam with more swords and for me personally I love it. 1 of the main reason I like Gundam is that they will have melee combat and will certainly use some beam saber (which in a way works like sword as well) and some have the privilege to use some nice swords.

If you are a hardcore 00 Gundam fans, I have no doubt that you will certainly pick this model but if you just like the idea of a Gundam having multiple type of swords surely you might like this 7 Swords concept.

For 1,600 yen (about SGD 24.00) before adding the shipment charges, this offer great value of money. Great modern design, great articulation and lots of powerful swords...


  1. Great post and review bro. Although my eyes hurt whenever building a 1/144 kit, so i stick to 1/100, even better if got 1/60 hehe...
    Nwy, please don't forget to vote and give some comment in my blog, thanks. :D

  2. Nice, top coated with matt coat. I did change the whole blue into orange, just to differ with 00 original though. =)

    Sad thing is that clear green blade on Gn Buster broke into 2, gosh, now got 1 silly line in the middle of it..

  3. Evaritus, I am very impressed at you, I never mentioned anything about the flat/matte top coat and yet you know exactly that I choose that for this model... so you can see it from the photos huh... amazing...

  4. And I haven't finished mine yet..... T_T

  5. Because it look the same with my Orange 7 Sword's surface ar. =)

  6. Nice flat coated! Still waiting for a chance to get this guy! Nice review.

  7. Well, if you count GN Sword II Blaster as a "Gun" and not a sword, you'll get 7 swords and a gun. XD

  8. Chris... you certainly are full with wisdom... I never thought of it before...

  9. @Chris - yep.. hence the code name.. 7S/G

    7 Swords / Gun :D

    nice 7s/g u got there.. haha.. mine still in the box.. uguuu

  10. Anonymous, who ever you are... yup I don't know much about Gundam 00 series as I only watched the 50 episode of Gundam 00 anime and I don't have the chance to see any anime of 00V (as there is none yet so far - at least not in my country) and I don't buy the manga or magazine and that is why I gladly saying that I don't know much about the Seven Sword thingy hoping that other friends who have more knowledge can share some information with us... anything else valuable you wanna share rather than mentioning "god"?

  11. hi wanna ask how to u spray top coat on this model in the way do u spray the parts separately one by one or u spray the kits after u finish fixing it?

  12. Lala, I'm a lazy person, basically I top coat the completed Gundam once everything is done... make it standing on the desk and spray as much as I like... lousy method maybe but works well for me.... it's up to you how to top coat your Gundam - in this hobby, I believe people should do what they want as they please - after all, it's your money - your property... do what you like with it... good luck...

  13. Yea it works well haha thx for the advice =)


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