Preview - 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai (MBF-P02KAI)

Since this fella just arrived last week and still in the box now...

And this fella as well, still stuck in the box - for about a month now...

Therefore, Red Frame will be the star this week and thus to make it a special "Red Week" in anticipation of Good Friday which is this Friday... our office will be close on Thursday till next Monday and only open only on Tuesday 5th April 2010... I really love the Easter long holiday.... and thus we in Shewsbury Land will also take a short break on Thursday (1st April 2010) till the weekend..

Will do the photo session tomorrow and I guess the review will be up tomorrow... maybe after lunch time, maybe at night... right now I have to use lots of cements and super glue to fix all those loose armor parts... I hate it... hopefully by tomorrow morning all the glue and cement are strong enough to make this kit solid strong and firm, the way I want it to be... just comeback here again tomorrow if you want to see it...

UPDATE - 30 March 2010 - You can now read the review in here

If you interested to join the Easter 2010 Freebies Contest, click here.

Good luck...


  1. woah you build kit so fast @_@
    haha happy holiday good luck :D

  2. Woo ~ HD color + Cage...
    Woo ~ MG RF chicken...
    Woot ! Why haven't build Rouge neh ? My favorite ms 1 eh.

  3. Evaritus.... will build the MG Strike Rouge during the Easter holiday...hopefully.... hehehehe....

  4. Alright man! Wait for your review and also that cool unicorn too!

  5. I'm waiting for the ROuge review. =D


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