Gundam GP03S is flying

Because it's kind of boring to just see GP03S standing on my cabinet and thus I think the best and the most creative way to display him is the "flying post" (or on the air post - what ever).

This is at my head's level so I can change the pose when ever I like. We use the fishing line that can take up to 27.3 kg (about 60.1 lbs/pound) to hang him there and so far so good now.

Maybe I will do the same on some other MG models.... will decided slowly... MG Aile Strike Gundam can be a good candidate...

All credits and thanks to my friend Ryu for this brilliant idea and for helping me getting the strong fishing line and doing the technical stuff for me.


  1. Cool idea!

    i wanna try hanging up the 1/48 RX-78-2 hehehe

  2. The model kit are quite light normally so I think that works.

  3. Wah scary lol!! I am afraid that either the plastic might break or the fishing line might break. But its quite a good alternative haha. Imagine chinese new year I hang all my red colored hgs :D


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