1/100 MG Shin Musha Mk. II

Now this is one cool Samurai Gundam.

I'm not sure who designed it, possibly also by Hajime Katoki as he is the one who designed the Musha and Shin Musha - but then again, maybe I'm wrong, just a guess.

To be released by May 2010, at about 6,000 yen (roughly SGD 95.00 at current rate 1000 yen = 15.77) before adding whatever shipment charges there will be...

I think I want this... if the leg inner frame is the same as that MG Shin Musha Gundam, surely I'm not the one who will assemble it... I personally feel it's quite difficult.

By the way I found this info and photo from the famous Ngee Khiong's blog.


  1. doubt e inner legs... Mk II seems designed off RX-178 instead of RX-78. and from e pic u can tell tt e back of e knee joint is actually similar to tt of RX-178

  2. It's TRUE that the MAKE of This MUSHA is from the RX-178 design. But for me.. i still prefer the old RED MUSHA.. not this MK II. It's more original.


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