Chong Hock Toynation

This is one of the popular toy and collectors item shop in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Though they're quite popular to most of the Otakus but there are still many others who don't know much about their presence in the local toy business world...

This shop is locate in Kiulap, located directly opposite C.A. Mohammad's restaurant. If in case you get lose, just ask any people/shop in Kiulap = "where is Chong Hock DVD Shop?" and they sure can help you find the way....

Other than that, they also have a small branch in The Mall Gadong on the 1st Floor, just turn left from The Mall main entrance and take the escalator and on your right hand corner you should see 3 DVD shop Dee Jay, Chong Hock and Golden Music (or simply GM). You can then see plenty of toys on the display shelf of Chong Hock DVD shop but what they have there is just a fraction of what they have in their head office in Kiulap.

You can basically get all the following;

- GunPlaMo kit or any other Gundam related stuff including GFF or any other type of Gundam related figures and trading

- Figma

- Revoltech

- Itasha car model kits

- Fix pose sculpted PVC figures

- Gashapon (capsule toys) or trading figures depicting characters or mecha from the Gundam universe or any other anime/series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Lucky Star and many others.

- Ultraman and the monsters figures

- Transformers toys from Hasbro and Takara Tomy

- Action figures/figurines/key chain/T-Shirts/phone strap from many movies or anime series and many others that I don't know much about them...

Other than those that you can find/see in their shop, you can also ask them to order or pre-order any specific item from them provided that they can get it from their supplier in Japan, Hong Kong or where ever and as long as the item can be imported legally and pass the local Customs Department and other relevant authority's laws and regulations.

Usually for toy stuff like Gundam/GunPlaMo kit, Figma, Revoltech, Transformer and many other normal toy stuff should be no problem but some fix pose sculpted PVC figures that depicts full or partial nudity is basically impossible due to the strict local Customs Department's regulations as other relevant laws and regulations.

For further information and enquiries, visit

You can ask question about product availability and stock status in their "Enquiry Corner" chatbox on the top left of the page and you can also chat and meet other regular visitors, customers and Otaku and toy fans alike in the "Chat Corner" chatbox just below the "Enquiry Corner" chatbox.

Additionally you can also contact them thru e-mail or MSN =

By the way I heard rumors that they will soon get their own custom domain... if you are a regular visitors to their blog or regular customers of CH Toynation, what will you suggest their new custom domain would be?

I listed 3 names that I can think off as below;

Note: xxx = can be either .com / .net / .info /.org / .biz

But feel free to give your own creative idea in the ChatBox or post your comment below.... you'll never they will choose what you suggest though there is no guarantee or prize for that... hahahaha...

And by the way, last but not least, this shop located next to (and the same building of) Ayamku Gadong (in front of Centre Point Hotel Gadong) is currently have this clearance sale for this Tamiya car stuff.... half price...

That means $32.00 become $16.00, $36.00 become $18.00 and so on... if you interested with this kind of car model kits... than maybe it's a good time now to go there and hopefully you can find the models that you will like...


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