Just like many of you who collect GunPlaMo kits, figures and any other type of toys, I also have some issue with all the boxes/packaging.

Is it true that most collectors will still keep the box of their items?

I don't know the answer for that but in my opinion different people have different preference and ways.

Some people might just throw away the boxes/packaging while some (like me for example) would keep it for a while (if not forever) without really know what to do with all the boxes exactly.

These are all the boxes/packaging of all the GunPlaMo kits, figures and any other type of toys that I still kept in our little barn.

Leaving in a small barn, this has been an unwanted "attention grabber" in our living room and it's been like this for 2 years now...

It is not something that I am proud off though... sometimes I feel bored looking at them...

Those in the sofa is items for freebies and also my current outstanding project... hope to start working on some of them soon...

Inside the "HLJ box" there are many of the small boxes from various items....

And there more somewhere down there... the Figma boxes I guess...

Nonetheless, suddenly last night I decided to finally do something about it... well, I still don't have the heart to throw it all out yet but rather I moved them into the empty corner in our bedroom... the process involved cleaning of dust and the floor....quite tiring for about 2 hours or so...

60% to 70% of my items are from HLJ while the rest are from the local toy shops.

And now the corner on the living room is back to like it used to be 2 years ago...

How about you? What do you do with all your boxes? Do you throw them away or do you keep it like a treasure? Feel free to share you experience in the chatbox or post it in the comments section.


  1. For me, i keep my Gundam boxes when I did not assemble any of them. Once done, I will throw away. for figures that is different story because I do not have any glass cabinet in my room so i have to put them on the boxes. ^^;;

  2. i still keep all the box for the gunplamo kit n the figure. no reason y i keep it thought

  3. for the cool arts :D...even the hlj boxes is worth keeping :D

  4. omg lol, so much stuff you have!!! lol I get rid of boxes as soon as they come, open up take figure out and chuck out boxes. put them in recycling! I don't think I could get to sleep at night with a huge stack of boxes like that, but then again I am a neat freak :P

  5. I'll throw the boxes once I finish the kit :D No space to keep the boxes even if i wanted to. If l like the box art i'll cut it out instead :D

  6. I USE to keep them under my bed but my mom secretly throw them away when it almost stuff leaving the recent on near the opening. When i was cleaning it up i asked my mom where did she put all more OTHER 20 boxes and she said she gave them to a bum >.> What a lie

  7. Anonymous... that is so sad... feel sorry for you... I guess I'm lucky to be an adult who live not with my parents... hahahahaha....


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