Panda Antivirus Pro 2009

It's been a year since I first subscribed the USD 30.00 Avast Anti Virus protection and I am quite happy with it.

Now that it is expired, I can in fact still continue using it but I have to keep on updating my registration details from time to time.

In fact I prefer to just pay again to save from all the hassle coz after all I am happy with Avast.

Suddenly, when I was in one of the local computer shop - my intention was actually to ask about external portable USB hard disk - I suddenly saw this anti virus product from Panda which I never heard about it before and what make me interested is really the cheap price SGD 30.00

If I were to renew my Avast, I have to spend USD 30.00 and if I'm willing to try this Panda I just have to pay SGD 30.00

I did some Wikipedia and read about this Panda Security using my mobile phones and 5 minutes later I decided to grab it straight away, remove the Avast (with lots of thanks and appreciation to 1 year of great service), install this Panda, activate and updated it.

Their slogan is "Maximum protection with minimum resource" - nonetheless I believe all those recommendations and logos there are real so this should be a reputable brand.

The DVD box is sealed...

Inside you will get the Quick Start Guide book and the DVD

Installation is pretty easy and fast...

And from there onwards I am now protected by Panda... so I hope they can do the job very well and protect me accordingly just like the Avast did.

Running on Vista Home Premium, I don't see any performance changes on my laptop so that means the promise to provide maximum protection by using minimum resource is true... at least from a user point of view... I'm not a computer wizards so what ever that background stuff, I just don't care... most important it works.

What kind of Antivirus/Firewall/Anti Malware program that you use ?

Do you use the free anti virus services or do you prefer to just get the free or even the pirated version ?

Do you happy with the services offered by your current "protector" ?


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