Digirama - Moon Cake Fiasco

It's been a while since we produce our own Digirama here in Shewsbury Land...

Nonetheless, finally here it is now... hope you enjoy the show...

Note: All photos are taken using Manual Mode on my Panasonic FZ28.

In this Digirama, the Hiiragi twins together with Konata will test their strength using a giant moon cake as a victim....

Hiiragi Kagami with her "Tsundere Cyber Punch"

Hiiragi Tsukasa with her "Hiiragi Virgin Strike"

Last but not least, Izumi Konata with her "Otaku Hentai Punch"

Happy Autumn and Moon Cake Festival 2009 from Shewsbury Land...



  1. heheheheehe don't they know not to play with food :P

  2. jajaja very good photos are funny

  3. I really love this Digirama!!

    although I'm not really sure whether this is more of a Digirama or a comic strip, but the idea is so original.. and what make it more interesting is the details!
    that Gundam seems to really pop-out from that cake! woah maaan, you sacrifice one good moon cake for this,hahahaw, great works!!

    love your Digiramas bro!! ^^b

  4. Nuo2x2 Seiichi - Thanks, I'm glad that you like it... Moon Cake Festival is coming soon (next week) and we will have a new version of this Digirama by next week, be sure to check out Shewsbury Land on 22 September 2010....


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