G.I. Joe Action Figure and Toys

The movie G.I. Joe "The Rise of Cobra" will be shown in most cinemas today all around the world...

And the action figure and other toys stuff have already arrived since Monday but I only found them last night.

Honestly, I am so craving for this Cobra Gunship but the price SGD 68.90 is not friendly... but maybe next time I will get this for sure...

At the end these what I got for my self... SGD 21.90 each, after 15% discount it's only SGD 18.60 each.

Don't worry, as usual we will take them out from the packaging and do the review later.. I would love to do a fighting scene between these 2 ninjas.

In the meantime you can go to Hasbro G.I. Joe toys website to find out more about their toys and other merchandise release.

Stay tuned to Shewsbury Land.


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