GFF Perfect Gundam (PF-78-1) - Part 2

This is the continuation of Part 1 yesterday.

Today we will directly go to the action pose;

As always, we will start with the standard beam rifle and of coz the shield...

Action pose is not a problem for this figurine... and now we tried some mid air posing using the action base...

Beam saber time...

Overall we are happy with the posing ability of this figurine.

And now the extra add on stuff to transform the normal RX-78-2 Gundam (Ver. Ka) into another different model - Perfect Gundam (PF78-1)

This is where the manual is needed, Bandai give you a nice detailed manual to assist you in attaching/detaching all the armors and weapons.

By the way, unlike the regular 1/144 HG PlaMo kits, this GFF actually have their own "skeleton frame" system to support the body and to give it some extra boost on stability and durability. The recently announced GFFN (Gundam Fix Figuration Next) however go a step further to ensure stability and durability by using metal in the sekeleton frame of the figure.

As at today, only 2 figurine appear in the 14cm tall GFFN series namely the GFFN Aile Strike Gundam and the other one is GFFN Zeta II. Again those 2 is never cheap... slightly taller than the normal GFF series and the price - about 48% to 60% more that many of the GFF series.

Someday I would love to get the GFFN Aile Strike Gundam, the most popular and loved Gundam in Shewsbury Land.

Part 3 (the final part) of this review will appear here after lunch time today, so stay tuned to Shewsbury Land.


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