Souvenir from Baguio City, Philippines

July seems to be a wonderful month for us as we received a handful of nice free stuff and souvenir from here and there and after the Molly ToFu, today we will look at this new item I received last night.

This is a very special souvenir I got from my friend who just come back from long holiday in The Philippines.

A very artistic, creative and sexually unique as a souvenir... I think this thing is cool and most of you would love to have it as your key chain decoration and in fact in the time of needy, you might still be able to find a way to fully "utilised" it's potential to the human race.

So let's check it out.

No box for this one, I got it as it is like this;

By the way, I nicknamed this thing as Dicky Dix.

Not so long though, just 7 cm and not 7 inches...

I wonder what would I buy for today... all this night stalls stuff wont be here forever so better enjoy it while we can...


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