My Little Museum

Ever thinking of having your own figurine? or maybe a figurine of your loved ones?

It would be expensive if you ask Max Factory or Bandai to do it for you but now there is a solution...

Today Shewsbury Land will share with you about a local shop here in Brunei offering this custom made sculpted figurine as requested by customer.

Maybe they're the first ever shop offering such service... the name is My Little Museum...

Quite interesting service in fact, just bring the photo of you or your friend, girl friend, boy friend, husband or wife, sisters and brothers, mother and father or whatever(or you can also ask them to do the photo shooting) and their expert sculptor will make a figurine of you or your love one in 14 days (2 weeks).

The price;

1) B$ 88.00 (SGD 88.00) for basic figurine with your custom face.

2) B$ 98.00 (SGD 98.00) for figurine with some accessories or weapons like sword or maybe rifle or gun or even a condom maybe...hahaha.. joking, no condom please.

3) B$ 108.00 (SGD 108.00) for figurine with special uniform like Superman or maybe Japanese Kimono or anything alike.

Click the photo below to enlarge it;

They just started business on 1st June 2009.

Contact them for further details or you can visit their shop at the address below;

Unit 3.01A, 3rd Floor The Mall,
Abdul Razak Complex
Gadong BE3519
Brunei Darussalam
Phone: +673-242 6463

2 lovely ladies there waiting to serve you... so why don't you guys check it out, both of them are very nice and friendly...


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