Announcing - Shewsbury Land Figma Club

Dear all Figma owners and regular visitors of Shewsbury Land, especially if you are in Brunei, I would like to invite you all to join this Figma Club.

You must have at least 1 Figma to join this club, however, after further discussion with our partners, at the end we agree to let those who owned certain pvc statue/figurine products from Good Smile Company (GSC) and Max Factory (MF)to also join this club. I only have 2 Figma, so that means I also can join this club...hehehehe

Don't worry, you don't have to pay for anything to be a member, we just want to gather all of you together under one roof, sharing idea, media, news and information and have fun.

You can check about the Figma availability here. If you have any of these (or more) we hope you will come and join us;

If you happen to have any of these products from MF listed below, you can also join us.

Lastly, if you happen to have those products from GSC listed below, we can accept you as well.

Shewsbury Land will create another site for this club. In this new site, all members can contribute and share their creative works (like a drawing/painting of characters that appeared in Figma product line up), digirama, review, news and information or anything relevant information related to (most of all) Figma and maybe other products from GSC and MF as listed above.

So basically all our creative idea is listed and located in 1 main source - and of coz you have every right to put it on your personal blog/site as well.

Another great idea about this is also related to Google Search... hopefully if other people around the world searching Figma or Figma Club or Figma Owners or Figma Fun or anything alike related to Figma in Google, I hope that this Shewsbury Figma Club will appear in the Top 10 results maybe and hopefully they will visit and view this site and see our activities - hoepfully also, they can then visit your own personal site/blog if they want to read further about your contribution/work.... though this is not guaranteed but all we can do is try and be active with it. After all, is not that I'm asking you to pay any fees or anything alike... right?

We will provide a "Members Zone" or "Members Sections" on this site. On this members sections, a name card of each members which also contains information about themselves and their Figma/Figurine collections as well as a link to their own blog/site will be provided.

I know some of my regular visitors like Double H/Alan/Vicky have Figma in their collections or soon to have more, so I will list them as member directly but they can always request to be removed if they do not wish to be a member of this club.

Additionally, for those local members (in Brunei that is), I will also organize some Freebies like the one we always have here in Shewsbury Land... well, maybe I can organize some digirama competition, figma review competition, photo competition or anything alike - for sure it has to be fun and rewarding.

But being a member, I also need your full co-operation to contribute to this club, by that I mean I also want you to send me some materials to be shared like digirama, review, news and information or anything relevant information related to (most of all) Figma and maybe other products from GSC and MF as listed above. If it's me alone, it wont work, as I might have no ideas or time to update it always as I also still need to maintain Shewsbury Land. All this while you always read or see the photo of Figma review in Shewsbury Land, this time, let's give yourself a try and show your talent... I am not talented for sure... I am just a ncie promoter but not talented... hahahaha.

So I hope I can get your support on this... please share your opinion with us on the ChatBox regarding this matter, hopefully it can improve the weakness and make things better.


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