HaroPla - Haro Diva Red

It's been quite a long time since I work on plamokit but this Haro Diva Red is really gorgeous and I decided to grabbed it and this is the result....

I lost the box, probably I miss placed it and/or threw it away. Anyway, for the sake of reference purpose this is the picture of the box art from Hobby Search, one of my favorite online shop for toys and hobby stuff.

The building and assembly process is very easy peasy Japaneasy as advertised "no-tools required" and even a young kids can do it without much problem.

As always, I never bothered to show the WIP but rather only focus my review on the completed model.

The picture below are taken using Figma Stand but due to some photography and picture photo editing works, you wont be able to see the stand:

Features and gimmick is not much apart from this openable ears , I guess....

With that opened, you can also attached the arms/hands/legs provided in the package and do this:

Overall, this is a very simple plamokit, easy to build and most of all, once completed, they look gorgeous. I personally love red color and that is the only reason I pick the red. If you want something super simple and fun, I guess you can try this. The price is around USD5.00 and that's quite cheap, you get what you paid for.



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