Mech Fans Toys Zero Destroyer (Megatron)

I found this from a local DIY Store at USD5.50 and I thought, it's kind of cheap and it wouldn't hurt to check it out and just like that I grab it and let's have a look at this Megatron.

First, the box and as it says from the label, this is produced by Mech Fans Toys (MFT) of China and yes this is indeed a knock-off  (KO) version made in China (obviously) the world leading manufacturer of toys and almost every other global products:

Out of the box:

OK, let's have a close look at the figure - Mr. Megatron in his robot mode:

And now the additional accessories/parts:

You can attach that thing there on his right arm:

And just like that, he looks complete now almost the same like what you see from the animation series in the 1980's:

For such a cheap KO version, the head and face sculpt is pretty decent - I can like this a lot:

Articulation is not bad and far from being horrible, at least you can do these:

And now the alternate mode which is a pistol or a gun. The transformation process is quite cumbersome (at least for me) but it is not impossible, with some patience even a novice like me can handle it (it took me half an hour to understand the manual and figure it out slowly)

I personally think that it turn out quite good in this pistol or gun mode, I like it:

Overall, I think this is a very solid knock-off version of Megatron figure. It has that very decent classic look, very decent face/head sculpt, very decent articulation capabilities and it can transform into a pidtol/gun and still look decent and most of all the cheap rice of USD5.50 is indeed decent. I'm not sure if this qualify to be your personal collectibles as you might have different taste but for me it's cheap and I can bring this figure anywhere, play with it, drop it, burn it and have fun with it and all that for a mere USD5.50 - not bad. Like they said in Zombieland, Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things... and I think I'm happy with this Megatron.



  1. OMG! The price is unbelievable. This is like a super premium trading figure that’s transformable and does it well...


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