1/43 Bburago Ferrari 250 GTO by Shell Malaysia

This is the1/43 scale model of Ferrari 250 GTO from the recent Shell retail promotion series in which they introduced a new set of limited-edition Ferrari collectible toy cars in 1/43 scale consisting of 8 Ferrari icons from the 1950s onwards, in conjunction with the Prancing Horse’s 70th year anniversary.

These are the list of the 8 models offered:

You can also check it out from the picture of the packaging (at the rear):

And Shell Malaysia is also being kind by providing the diorama design (in PDF) from their website so that you can print them and do a bit of work and produce the diorama set as below (assuming you have all the tools required for printing and suitable papers and cutting item as well as some decent hands and finger skills to actually do it, some glue might be required as well):

If you interested and as long as Shell still keep the page up and available, you can try and go to the link below and download them:

I don't know how long it will be available but as at early August 2019, today, now, it's still there....

I only interested with 3 out of 8 of them, you can read the review of the other 2 that I have from the lin below:

And this 250 GTO is the third and final car that I'm interested with.

By the way, this is some sort of purchase with purchase offier - you need to spend minimum of MYR30.00 (about USD7.27) of petrol or diesel before you can buy the car model at MYR 15.90 (about USD3.86) - OR you can buy their full synthetic engine oil and you will get 1 for free.

Moving on, let's have a look at this 250 GTO, first the box/packaging:

And out of the box/packaging:

Considering the price factor, the exterior detailing is not great but then again it's quite sufficient while still trying to be minimalist. I'm happy with what being offered and I think it's a decent representation of the actual car on a budget.

Looking at the body of this car, it reminds me of the Japanese Nissan Datsun 240Z or was it also called the Fairlady? Probably Nissan took the design inspiration of that car from this beautiful 250 GTO - oh well, who knows... I certainly don't...

Moving on, the interior detailing is again as minimalist as it should be, nothing spectacular but I think it looks quite decent:

Maybe you can do a bit of interior detailing work, added some color here and there - whatever - you can do that if that's what you want:

Overall, I think this is a very decent representation of Ferrari 250 GTO and as much as I prefer the red color, I think this yellow is not bad either. Only 36 units of the actual car were made by Ferrari which means this car is one of those rare models and it should be very pricey (millions of US Dollars) and that also means typical poor farmer like me and probably most of you can't afford or don't stand a chance to buy the actual car, hence we should be grateful to at least able to own this 1/43 scale model LOL LOL LOL... 

With the rest of the siblings from the Shell Malaysia promotion series:



  1. Although I’m not a hardcore fan of Ferrari (mainly because of the conceited personality of Enzo), the cars of this brand are beautiful and the 250 GTO looks awesome after all these years... The model by Burago, while it’s basic, it’s also a very decent replica and a good option as promo, along with the diorama...


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