Hot Wheels - Nissan Fairlady Z

This is the Nissan Fairlady Z which I assume is from the second generation Nissan/Datsun 280ZX (S130) though I can be wrong either but that is just my guess since no model year provided on the packaging.

It's pretty hard to get a Japanese model from the stores nowadays and this is just one of those "lucky day" for me to be able a Japanese model with the typical British/Japanese right hand steering wheel position as I wouldn't like a Japanese model with the steering at the "wrong side" LOL LOL LOL..

Though I personally would prefer to have this Z in darker color like the typical royal blue or maybe black if not pink (LOL) but somehow I'm able to appreciate the white color with the minimal decals as decoration (thank god they then use those fire decals which is too American) making it look like a track racing car ready for action.

I dislike the "widen" body works on to facilitate the wheels but then again since they styled this as typical track racing car then I guess that is unavoidable and probably a must for the very same reason they serve McD Cheese Burger with a single cheese on it.

I also dislike the rear spoiler design (I personally prefer to have none) but then again at least I still can tolerate this design rather than those types used in Subaru Impreza or those that make the car look as if they gonna fly.

The back comes all in white and I do a bit of customization by painting the brake/rear lamp with red marker pen.

Both the front and rear wheels comes with the same size and I love it that way as I wouldn't like it if this Z comes with bigger rear and smaller front - certainly not my thing.

Number 94 and Greddy logo at the side and on the hood - nice!!!

I don't open up this car like I usually would as I don't have intention to do any further customization for the interior - I think to leave them all in black inside is good enough.

Overall, this is a very decent representation of the classic Z with a little bit of body works to make it look like a track racing car but even son they managed to retain most of the original body design element close to the normal road version looks and I really like it and that makes it worthy to be included into my collections.



  1. Congrats for your lucky find and seriously the markings on the toy are intricate. No wonder I find Greddy so familiar ^_^

    1. yeah it's kind of lucky when usually we hardly had the chance to find this in the normal retail shop thanx to those scalpers LOL...


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