Hasbro - Star Wars The Black Series - Darth Vader

Again, thanks to the clearance sales at Toys R' Us, I finally got my first ever big size "Star Wars - The Black Series" action figure of Darth Vader produced by Hasbro. The usual price is SGD 39.90 (around USD 30.48 / EUR 24.81 / GBP 21.63 / JPY 3,258) which I think is quite reasonable but recently at TRU, it's available for only SGD 19.90 ( about USD 15.20) and that is certainly a great bargain and a no brainer for me, an immediate grab!!!
The box:

Out of the box, you will get all these.... well, not much really... just the figure and his weapon (light saber):

As you can see above, the light saber parts can be separated and you can mount it on Vader's waist, like this:

Let's look at the Darth Vader:

The cape cloth is really impressive, I like it a lot... so this is what we get from the big size The Black Series, not bad!!!

Hasbro did a great job on Vader for their regular 3.75 inch action figures as well as those in The Black Series for similar size (3.75 inch), hence there is no surprise here that there is nothing much for them to do for the bigger size Vader, maybe just a few minor things there and there and that's about it. Everything else is as it should be, absolutely brilliant!!!

The overall detailing and finishing quality is very good considering the product price segment and size. Well done, Hasbro!!!

The light saber:

Vader wielding the light saber:

The articulation capability is also as good as I expect, more or less like those Darth Vader (with similar articulation point) in the 3.75 inch size. You can pose him the way you like so long that the joints allowed.

Size comparison with SH Figuarts figure of Kamen Rider OOO SaGoZo, Vader is slightly bigger than the Kamen Rider and obviously way much bigger than those usual 3.75 inch Star Wars figures:

With the rest of Darth Vader in my collections:

Overall, this is a brilliant articulated action figure of Darth Vader from the bigger size of "The Black Series" by Hasbro. The detailing is very good and thanks to the good articulation points, you can do various action pose for this Vader and so far this is a very good experience and exposure to me on figures produced in bigger size under "The Black Series". I don't plan to have many similar size figures from The Black Series but if they are available at an attractive clearance price like now, I may grab some selected characters but it wont many that's for sure, maybe another one or two and that's it.



  1. These figures of the Black Series are not a frequent sight in retail stores, but some specialized toys stores have a few in stock, due probably to the popularity of the movie saga; the price point though is higher than what you report in this publication and hence they are not so appealing, at least not for me and well, I don’t consider myself a hardcore lover of Star Wars merchandise anyway...

    With a size between 7" and 8" this figure has good quality and that’s something Hasbro has improved, at least in these lines, the articulation looks proper and just like you, I think the feel of weight in the fabric cloak is great and the tampos accurately applied !!!...

    Maybe the complaints you had regarding 3.75" figures, are related with those released to replicate the vintage figures of the same size made by Kenner long ago, because they lack of articulation and the paint job is much simpler, that’s a bit disappointing from the point of view of some collectors who arrived recently to this hobby, but I guess it makes sense for the old school collectors !!!... =D

    On the other hand, well, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to Toys‘R’Us and feeling happy for getting good stuff at a good price due to clearance sales... =/

    1. My complain is laid on this post = http://www.shewsbury.com/2018/04/hasbro-star-wars-last-jedi-rey-jedi.html

  2. Great grab there! It's all good I can say about the Black Series! What more to demand for the size , details and articulation! Even cloth material used for realism. I like the photo from young Anakin to Darth Vader, it's like an evolution chart! Kudos!


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