McDonald's Happy Meal - Kiiroitori on Happy Meal Box

The last item from this McD Happy Meal and Rilakkuma promotion series, the exciting "Kiiroitori on Happy Meal Box".

Out of packaging, this is it:

As always, this kind of toys comes with gimmick (coz if it doesnt, then it's sucks!!!) and I personally like it a lot!!!!

First, you can lift up that Happy Meal cover to reveal that tiny yellow bird, which I believe is the "Kiiroitori" because I know the word "tori" means bird in Japanese. I never watch the anime series of this Rilakkuma though I actually really like the bear Rilakkuma, hence I don't know much about the other characters.

So there you are... you can now see the tiny yellow bird....

Next you have this thing, some sort of a roller...

Basically when you move the roller with your finger, something from the top part will go out and up:

And those things are basically these pictures which happen to be some sort of fun stickers, you can take them out and stick it on your TV or mobile phone or where ever you feel suitable.

And that's about it, below are all 3 of them, I purposely skip the first one but these 3 are simply much better and more fun and worth to keep!!!

Overall, this is quite a fun free toys from McD Happy Meal promotion. The casting and painting finishing is quite decent (considering its a free item) and the gimmick is adorable - free toys is indeed exciting. Over the years McD Happy Meals promotions produces quite a number of decent collectible free toys though some of them may not suit certain particular audience (including me) but once in a blue moon they really can come up with a something exciting, something even an adult collector would really want to get!!!

Well done to McDonald's and San-X Co., I hope they can come up with other exciting offering in the near future!!!



  1. The simplicity of these toys is probably their greatest charm and looking at their design I guess the original characters have some similarities to Hello Kitty or Keroppi,maybe they are relatives or something like that... That glossy finishing gives them a sleek touch, the tampos are pretty clean and they have cute gimmicks, actually is quite difficult to find this level of quality in toys which are meant to be just a bonus you get along with a kid’s meal !!!... =D

  2. This relate more to Mc Donald with Happy Meal Box. Nice extra gimmick and inclusive of stickers. Looks like u are having lots of Rilakuma fun!


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