McDonald's Happy Meal - Rilakkuma and Hamburger

This is another fun toys from McDonald's Happy Meal promotion and this time around it is our favorite Japanese teddy bear Rilakkuma (Relax Bear or something like that). There are 4 different types from this particular promotion series and out of the 4, I only like 3 of them and so let us start with this one...

The local McDonald's promotional poster from their website (as at February 2018)

This is Rilakkuma and Hamburger. It's a pretty simple figure with no articulation but then again it comes with fun gimmick.

The casting and painting finishing is very good for Happy Meal free toys standard. The detailing is simple but sufficient, nothing to much to highlight further and nothing to complain about either.

As for the gimmick, well basically you just press the head down like this:

And eventually the Hamburger will tilt a bit to the left side like this:

I think this video can explain better:

Side by side with my Rilakkuma water bottle:

With the Happy Meal boxes:

Overall, this is quite a fun free toys with very good casting, painting finishing and sufficient detailing and the size make it pretty much suitable to become your desktop (table top) decoration or even in your toys cabinet.



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